From formation documents to exit strategies, this is the legal resource for your new business.

How do you start a business? What are the legal requirements of a start-up? Where do I submit my new business paperwork?

There are a thousand details to work through when starting a business in Tennessee, Arkansas, and Mississippi and many of them have nothing to do with the products you make or the services you provide.

Call 901.737.7740 to find out if my Legal Launch® service can help your new business.

Through Legal Launch®, we will address any of the following legal matters, and more.

  • LLC Articles
    of Orginization
  • Contracts
  • Partnership
  • Employment
    Law Compliance
  • Corporate
  • Operating

Starting at just $1500, we will draft and file your formation documents along with operating agreements and by-laws. We also provide 90 days of legal guidance and advice.*

Complete list of Legal Launch® Services

Most businesses have ongoing legal needs, anything from employee disputes to vendor and customer disputes to merger agreements. That’s why Legal Launch® members can sign-up for ongoing legal support for just $1000 a month or $7500 per year.

In additional to legal support, you’ll be invited to seminars, training sessions and other functions designed to keep you and your business on top of pending legal issues.

Alan Crone discusses benefits of Legal Launch®

Legal Launch® Service Features

  • Initial Consultation with an attorney (either in-person or via telephone) to discuss your particular situation and obtain legal advice on how to structure your organization and address any other legal issues you might have;
  • Business formation documents: LLC-Articles of Organization; Corporation-Charter; Partnership-Partnership Agreements. Plus: Filing documents with appropriate state authority.
  • Business governing documents (if necessary): LLC-Operating Agreement; Corporation-By Laws.
  • Meeting with an attorney to sign all formation and governing documents and discuss any legal issues or questions.
  • Legal Support: 90 days of legal consultation with an attorney for legal issues and questions which might arise as you start up your business concerning such things as: leases, contracts, vendor relations, employee law compliance, etc…
  • Reduced rates on new legal services which might arise during the legal support period.
  • Meeting with an attorney (in person or via telephone) at the conclusion of the 90 day legal support period to review your organization’s legal status, to discuss any legal issues, and answer any questions.